5 Incredible Health Benefits of Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce tastes great and can be that extra kick that makes all the difference in a meal. More than the taste there is are some serious health benefits of hot sauce. Brace yourself for 5 Incredible health benefits of hot sauce.


1) Hot Sauce Can Decrease Blood Pressure

Hot Chili Peppers contain a large amount of Carotenoid (Vitamin A). Carotenoids have shown to assist in anti-aging properties, but also decrease blood pressure.


2) Hot Sauce Can Help You Loose Weight

A hot sauce with the right amount of heat can slow down your eating pace, make you feel full quicker, and help you loose weight. Next time you eat that big bowl of pasta, use a few more shakes of hot sauce. If interested in other weight loss supliments check out Thermomilk.


3) It Increases Metabolic Rate

Capaicins are what make chili peppers HOT! These compounds also alter muscle cell activity by making your muscles turn energy into heat. this process called thermogenesis increases your metabolic rate. 


4) It Can Put You in a Great Mood

Capaicins release the heat, but the spicy blow will also release endorphoins. Edorphins are partly responsible for feelings of satisfaction. Why run for an hour and hope for the runners high when you can just put a few extra drops of hot sauce on top of your meal?


5) Hot Sauce Can Kill Cancer Cells

In a study by Dr. Michael Freeman at Ceder's-Sinai Medical Center, it showed that Capaicin is known to bind to a protein on the membrane of a certain tumor that responds by killing itself. Last year Smoking Ed Currie of Puckerbutt Pepper Company donated half of his pepper harvest to cancer research. 


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