7 Interesting Hot Sauce and Food Combinations

People love their hot sauce and put it on and in a lot of different foods. Some foods make sense, others not so much. Here is a list of 7 foods that some people would expect to be popular hot sauce and food combinations, and some others.. not what you'd expect. 


We ranked these in order of what you would expect, to not expect.


1.       Fold some Habaenaro hot sauce into some eggs in the morning. An elementary classic



2.       Stir some into Shepard’s Pie to give a traditional meal and extra kick


3.    Adding a Cayenne hot sauce to tuna salad. A lot of people would say then haven’t had good tuna salad until they’ve had it with hot sauce.



4. Putting hot sauce on popcorn- For some people popcorn it’s self is enough but others need the spice



5.     Pineapple dipped in hot sauce with salt is an interesting concept. Sweet, salty, fruity, hot. My taste buds are confused but I think they like it.



  1.       Sriracha hot sauce cookies- Cookies with an after burn. At least it might limit me from eating 10.


7. Sriracha Ice cream- Hot Sauce and Ice Cream. I guess it's only a matter of time before a Chili Head comes up with it!



Any interesting hot sauce and food combinations that you have tried? Drop a comment below and let the Craft Hot Sauce community what they should try or what they should avoid!


In a cold place and need some food recipies to warm you up. My man Homemade-Stu has your back. Check him out!

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