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Tips for coming up with your first hot sauce recipe

Perfecting a hot sauce recipe is challenging!  I’d actually say it’s almost impossible since everyone has their own hot sauce preferences and ingredients may vary in taste and heat with each batch. So my advice is to avoid analysis paralysis, turn on the burner, weigh and record all ingredients, make a sauce and then tweak the recipe from there.

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The 2018 World Calendar for Hot Sauce and Chili Festivals

This is the third year we've posted the World Calendar for Hot Sauce and Chile Festivals. We've learned about and added many hot sauces festivals to our calendar from people reaching out, so please comment below if we are missing any.

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The 2017 World Calendar for Hot Sauce and Chili Festivals

Last year we created the list of 2016 Hot Sauce and Chile Festivals, which turned out to be a helpful resourse for many, so we're bringing you the 2017 edition!

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The best foods for hot sauce

I wrote this blog post knowing that this question could start some heated debates. However, it's really a question that should be embraced and make us feel fortunate for all the amazing hot sauce and food combinations out there.

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The Best Hot Sauces for Oysters

For some people like me, it's always oyster season, but for most people the arrival of warm weather means oyster time has arrived.  There's nothing like sitting at an oceanside restaurant on a warm summer day and having some fresh oysters (with perhaps a few adult beverages too!). There are many popular toppings to put on oysters like lemon, horseradish, or a cocktail sauce. Among chili-heads the best topping for oysters is of course.... Hot Sauce! Here a few different types of Hot Sauces that pair really well with oysters.

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