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Caldo Hot Sauce (Formerly Hot Sauce 4 Good - East Millstone, NJ) - Episode 3

new jersey

Brian of Craft Hot Sauce interviews Bob Ferretti of Hot Sauce 4 Good. Hot Sauce 4 Good is a New Jersey based hot sauce company with giving back at the forefront of their mission. They donate at least $1 of every bottle of hot sauce sold to either World Vision Micro, Urban Impact, or Elijah's Promise.

Brian and Bob talk about going from a hobbyist hot sauce maker to scaling a business, what it means to stand by your company's mission and vision, and lots more.

This is CHS's first American Hot Sauce podcast, but certainly not the last so be sure to subscribe to us on iTunes and Stitcher.

Listen to Hot Sauce 4 Good - Craft Hot Sauce Podcast Episode 3 Here


Hot Sauce 4 Good Website

Twitter: @hotsauceforgood

Facebook: HotSauce4Good


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