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Hella Hot Hot Sauce (Campbell, CA) - Episode 5

Kyle Colson is the owner of Hella Hot Hot Sauce out of Campbell, California. Brian and Kyle talk about Hot Sauce marketing, Steve Seabury's Hot Sauce Expos, some interesting partnerships he has developed along the way, and lots more. You can tell Kyle is a fun, creative, and genuine guy and it definitely translates into his Hot Sauce.

Listen to the Hella Hot Hot Sauce Craft Hot Sauce Profile Episode 5 Here!


Towards the end of the podcast I ask Kyle where people can find him online.
His website is
Facebook- Hella Hot Hot Sauce LLC
You can buy his sauces online and at the following places in California- Stateside Crafts, Psycho Donuts, Motorpool Automotive, Heat Hot Sauce Shop, and Tap-Tempo Music Shop.

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