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Jojo's Sriracha (Denver, CO) - Episode 4

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Jolene Collins of the Denver, Colorado based artisanal sriracha company Jojo's Sriracha, is our guest for the fourth Craft Hot Sauce podcast. Brian and Jojo talk about how she decided to start her business, a great fundraiser she is working on right now, and her motto (love hard, give a fuck).

Listen to Jojo's Sriracha - Craft Hot Sauce Podcast Episode 4 Here!

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Jojo mentions a fundraiser on the podcast which you can support by buying her Sriracha sauce, and also mentions getting the early bird alert of new srirachas by signing up for her newsletter, all of which can be done on her website love hard.

If you are interested in reading her Craft Hot Sauce profile you can take a look clicking this link: Jojo's Sriracha Craft Hot Sauce profile.

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Twitter: @lovehardinc

Facebook: Jojo's Sriracha




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