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Pepplish (Queens, NY) - Episode 8

New York podcast

Tim from Pepplish joins Brian on the Craft Hot Sauce podcast. Tim started Pepplish in 2015 and has a lot of experience that he speaks to in this episode. They talk about the funny and exciting story of starting his hot sauce company after recieving a phone call from a local high school, coming up with recipes, and a lot of other things pertaining to starting a hot sauce company.

Listen to the podcast using the Soundcloud link below or subscribe to Craft Hot Sauce on your favorite podcast player. 


You can follow Pepplish on social media by searching @Pepplish. If you're interested in trying Pepplish sauces or other small batch hot sauce companies by subscribing to the Craft Hot Sauce of the Month Club


Music is by Danielle Hecht, Greg Blair and Bobby Spelman. You can watch the video of their cover of One Time by Marian Hill beow.:

You can follow Danielle on Instagram @danielle_hecht 


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