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Craft Hot Sauce Profiles

Houshmand's Hazardous Hot Sauce

new jersey

Rowan University President Ali Houshmand has planted his peppers, with help from students, volunteers and alumni. Like last year, he will spend time each early morning, watering, weeding and otherwise tending the produce.

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Rising Smoke Sauceworks

North Carolina

-Written by Mike from Rising Smoke Sauceworks in North Carolina

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Raised by my grandma in a sleepy hollow called Sea Cow Lake in South Africa, I remember her ingenious creativity using home grown ingredients, transforming the ordinary to sensational. My appreciation of flavorful, spicy meals and the Peri Peri chilies she grew were branded on my palate and in my mind at a young age. Food does not have to be bland and tasteless.

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Palate Crashers


Around a year ago I had the opportunity of eating a fresh Carolina reaper pepper. I have been a hot sauce fanatic ever since I was a kid; and Javier had been eating them for a while now.

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Craic Sauce


This is the 54th Craft Hot Sauce profile telling the stories behind companies from 19 different countries. I've been fortunate to meet small batch hot sauce makers all over the world, each one with their own story. I’m excited to share a snapshot of why I started my own brand, Craic Sauce, tell you more about my inspiration and thank some of the people who have helped me with Craic Sauce and

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