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Craft Hot Sauce Profile written by Shane at Sh' That's Hot

As a child, every New Year’s Eve my dad would let stay up as long as I ate the food he put out. This consisted of herring, sardines, and oysters. I loved the hot sauce on oysters. In my high school years I ate a lot of Taco Bell. I put at least a pack of their Fire sauce on every taco but felt it was never hot enough. By the time I was old enough to drink Bloody Mary’s I always made them extra spicy.

My wife and I were in a CSA (crop share agreement) we would get all types of vegetables delivered weekly. We started making hot sauces and salsas and started bringing them to work to share. We loved having fresh sauces and salsas and never stopped making them.

How we went from our first batch to a company

We reached out to other crafters in search of a copacker. Once we found one able and willing to make our recipes we launched our favorite three flavors.

Everyday we learn something new. One of the biggest surprises was how many people were asking for mild sauces at hot sauce shows. We listened to what the customers were asking for and launched two mild sauces to the lineup.

We focus on all natural and unique. We want sauces that are different than all the other ones in the market. We also don’t use thickening agents or preservatives. We use vegetables to add a thicker consistency and flavor to our sauces. We invest all profits back into the business so we can continue to scale.

The hot sauce community is like a family. We have made many close friends that share the same passion for capsaicin. We love hot sauce and want to do what we love.

A bit of advice if you're interested in starting a hot sauce company... Differentiate yourself from others out there and only do it if you love it.


Sh' That's Hot will be available in the February box of the Craft Hot Sauce Monthly Subscription Box!  

Facebook: @ shthatshot
Instagram: @ shthatshot
Chicago, Illinois
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