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Born to Hula Ghost of Ancho

Born to Hula Ghost of Ancho

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Born To Hula's Ghost of Ancho hot sauce has a sweet smokey heat that's not for the weak! Ed and Amy took their from Habanero Ancho Sauce and added smoked Bhut Jolokia peppers "ghost peppers" which is one of the hottest peppers in the world.

The Ghost of Ancho has is a flavorful smokey hot sauce and the ghostly heat of this sauce will definitely creep up on you!

This sauce has won a lot of awards including:

2011 2nd Place Pepper Blend 
"The Hot Pepper Awards"

2012 2nd Place Superhots / Unique 
"The Hot Pepper Awards"

2014 1st Place Bhut Jolokia "Chile Pepper Awards"

2014 1st Place Pepper Blend Golden Chile Winner "Fiery Food Challenge"

2014 Awarded Best Hot Sauce Zestfest 
"Fiery Food Challenge"

2014 Awarded Best Overall Zestfest 
"Fiery Food Challenge"

2014 2nd Place Pepper Blend 
"Screaming Mi Mi Awards"More about Born to Hula:

More about Born to Hula:

Born to Hula was started in 2010 by Ed Bucholtz, almost 15 years after graduating culinary school in NYC. After continuous times out at restaurants and being sick of Tabasco being the only choice when eating out, or having to bring an artisian sauce with him, Ed decided to make his own hot sauce. 
With a honed skill for pairing flavors and spice, Ed started playing around and immediately came up with its first 3 products: Cayenne, Habanero Ancho and Habanero Guajillo. Not long after came one of our most popular sauces the Ghost of Ancho. Next thing you know, 7 years later and Born to Hula has a list of delicious award winning products.

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